Psychometric Career Assessments

Primary School

It will help you to find out Multiple Intelligence of the Student

Career Analysis for 8th, 9th & 10th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and subjects

Career Analysis for 11th & 12th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and career road map with detailed execution plan

Junior Secondary School

Career Planning for Secondary School

Senior Secondary School

Career Planning for High School

Career Analysis for Graduates

It will help you to find out Most Suitable Career path and Career Road map with detailed execution plan

Career Analysis for Professionals

Early and Mid career counselling for professionals with detailed execution plan

Personality + Interest + EQ Assessment

Personality+Interest+EQ assessment

Personality + EQ Assessment

Personality+EQ assessment

EQ Assessment

EQ assessment

About Us

Insightful Edutech (IED) is Nigerias MOST RELEVANT UNBIASED career guidance company that seeks to engage a minimum of 3million individuals on an annual basis. We are an intrinsically motivated team of professionals working to ensure every child and consequently every human finds him or herself in a profession best suited to his or her unique self.

At IED, while many career professionals are going the conventional talk way, we are aided by technology. We have leveraged on technology to create an online portal that analyzes every individual that comes forth, helping you make career decisions in a bid to ensure impact on the self and society at large. 

Asides the virtual analysis, IED boasts of a formidable professional team spread across the six geo-political zones of the Nigerian nation. 

We are here to give you an insight into your future. We are Insightful Edutech. We are IED

Mission: “is to inspire individuals to turn their passion, talent and abilities into successful careers and fulfilling lives. We believe all individuals should be empowered to choose a meaningful career and education pathway to position themselves for lifelong success”. 

Vision: “is to ensure that ALL students secure productive employment in their chosen pathway as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible using a smart web solution”

Insightful Edutechs primary focus is providing high school students, high school graduates and undergraduates from various tertiary institutions and vocational schools with the most relevant and unbiased career guidance services. This includes students in terminal classes of primary 6, JSS 3, and SS3. 

IEDs major focus is on Primary 5, 6, JSS1-3, SS1 - SS3 students as well as undergraduates. This is asides providing the same quality career guidance to young graduates and professionals. 


Our Courses/Professional Training include:

1. Career Training for Counsellors 

2. College Application Guidance

3. Scholarship Management

4. Career Training for Parents

5. STEM 

Our Reach/Programs

Lagos Career Summit (LCS) is a Career boost conference that is designed for High School students seeking admission into tertiary institutions and those preparing for Junior WAEC. The aims of the summit are but not limited to improving the knowledge base of the students on standard public examination practices, counsel the students on career choices and possible paths; educate the students on the importance of saving and investing at early stage, the positive use of social media and stimulate inter – school academic competiveness in acquiring Information Communication Technology entrepreneurial skills.

Since the official launching of the initiative in March, 2019, we have reach out and impacted over 1000 students, 50+ private secondary schools from Lagos, Ogun and Ibadan state. We have a goal of reaching out to 10,000 private secondary school students in Nigeria before the end of 2021.


Program Modality:

We visit schools on a monthly basis to educate and train students about career and its pathways, act of good leadership, dignity of Labour, goal setting, technology, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Also, we organize monthly career/development webinar on our twitter page.

Our annual programs are Prefect Leadership Bootcamp, Teachers Breakfast Training Workshop, High Schools Educational Fair and Lagos Career Summit. In achieving our aims, we invite seasoned entrepreneurs, career experts, technology expert, university erudite to educate, empower, invest and involve students on how to network, and be a better version of themselves.

About The Counsellor

Ephraim Abutu

Ephraim Abutu Ali is a Top-performing and technically adept Project Manager and social entrepreneur with over 5 years of proven success in planning, directing, and coordinating projects and events for clients across varied fields. A team builder; with a successful track record of meeting business goals by ensuring the delivery of exceptional services to clients through hands-on leadership, clearly defined goals, and consistent follow-up.  Recognized for excellence in building long-term partnerships throughout all client and corporate levels, and for creating simple and effective tools to streamline processes, drive best practices, and exceed all goals in services.

He is a graduate of Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan. He is highly proficient in new media tools and MS Office Suite.   

He has over 13 years of experience in the private and social space industry focused on education, human development, project management with scrum master certification, business development from Pan–Atlantic University, etc. He has been certified by Edumilestones as a Certified Career Counsellor. 


Anthony Ogunleye Babatunde

He is a young man who wants to make a difference by helping young people in Nigeria who are confused about what career to choose after graduating from high school. In his ways, she has been educating students and youths to identify and fulfil their career goals early in life by making informed decisions.

He is a selfless, determined, brave, courageous, God-fearing, committed and passionate fellow who goes for what he wants. He gives his best in whatever he does and has led and championed several youth programs for his community. 

He is passionate about youth empowerment and career education for high school students. Currently, he has been certified as a Certified Career Analysis from Edumilestones Professional Career Training Institute. 

He is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Ibadan. A highly sought-after digital expert with a focus on Facebook marketing, AI in Digital Marketing, Product Marketing/launching, Website planning/creation, etc. He is the Head of IT/Web Developer at Insightful Edutech. 

Ayobami Olugbenga-Wyse 

Ayobami Olugbenga-Wyse is a speaker, trainer, and consultant. A certified career analyst, trained human resource professional, and purpose-driven peak performance, life and career clarity coach.

The Purpose Doctor as he is fondly called, is an internationally sought-after speaker who has graced several platforms globally. He is the founder of the Career Blueprint Coaching Program (CBC), one of the most resourceful coaching frameworks designed to help savvy young professionals across varied industries, experience a highly rewarding and productive career, doing what they are best built and designed to do.

He has facilitated master classes on ‘The 4-Step Blueprint To Career Clarity’, and ‘The 5-Pillar Framework To Career Success’ respectively. He is the author of the book, ‘Get Clear on Your Career Path’ and the 5-minute weekly podcast called the ‘Wyse Career Nuggets’.

A seasoned and veteran broadcaster, and a professional voice-over artist with over 15 years of experience. He is the host of the weekly show “The Boardroom Convo”, a career, business, and personal development program on radio, which hosts thought leaders and industry experts around the globe virtually.

He has a foundation called “The Purpose Driven Youth Foundation” …dreamers don’t lie! (PDYF). A school outreach and youth development initiative, designed to address identity crisis in youths, and get them purpose-driven again.


He is also the Creative Lead Consultant and trainer at Crystal-Wyse, a communications and consulting firm focused on providing insight, impact, and influence to individuals and organizations across different industries through training, business, and media solutions.